February 24, 2011

Figure Drawing

            *FIGURE DRAWING*

             This exercise was to help making different types of line and going outside the body

Geometric shapes

looking inside the body

January 8, 2011

Hats photoshoot

 IT'S VERY VERY 'HAT'...... 

       Fall Semester- Drawing        
lFinal Drawing

Warm Colors Drawing using Crayons

Chair drawing 

December 27, 2010


Audrey Hepburn

For this project in Design class, everyone was asked to choose a portrait of someone and print the photo. The photo had to be in black and white and it was important that you choose a photo that had high contrast and used every color in our gray scale. Then we taped a transparent grid over the photo and marked in each square what the color was using our gray scale we made. Then we transported everything on black illustration board and started to paint every square. I choose not to paint the whole square and instead paint circles. It took a lot of time but in the end I was surprised how much it looked like the photo of Audrey Hupbern. 
  Gray Scale

~Clothing Class Fashion Favorites~

My senior year at Broughton High School, I took advanced studies in clothing with my favorite teacher Mrs. A. For the year I decided to study fashion photography. Every quarter I would make a garment or an accessory and then ask one of my friends to model it in a photo shoot. I would get inspiration from different magazines or photographers. I really enjoyed this class and still think it fun to get dressed up and take pictures with my friends!

Kara Vick modeling my hair piece

I loved playing around with shadows.

Boone, NC
Sarah Cannon modeling my summer dress
Anna Dover

Margot- french exchange student. This was taken at a french wedding. I just loved the hats!

This photo was my inspiration for the photos that I used objects to cast shadows. It was from America's Next Top Model.